Well, the Cabot Task was lovely but completely let down by the weather (high haze and/or overcast). And I failed in the accommodation booking front in Ingonish due to three weddings so ended up staying in Big Bras d'Or and wasting a lot of travel time going back & forth on Englishman's Ferry. Oh well, lots of good hiking including Skyline even if my photos will suck.

Went down to Lunenburg on Saturday and then drove back along the coast with a bunch of stops including Peggy's Cove and a colleague's place in Blind Bay (one of the little Prospect Communities). I even managed to get a couple photos of the lighthouse without people in them, just took a bit of waiting for gaps in the crowd. Think I got some good shots in the swamps around Peggy's Cove/Big Lake too.

Blind Bay was great, our host hooked up a 2.5HP trolling motor to a 4x25' floating dock, put a row of 9 deck chairs along the top and we had a cruise around the bay at sunset. Got some incredible photos that I suspect will come out blank due to my RZ being set to mechanical mode (1/400) but such is life.

Not sure about next weekend but Bay of Fundy is looking likely. Louisborg and PEI are seeming a little far away.