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When digital photography appeared I had no problem with it and found it a great addition to analogue to further the boundaries of what could be achieved. The problem I had was when it was hijacked by marketing men to make money and put digital as a technological replacement over film.
But to 90% of professional photographers, portrait, commercial, product, fashion, forensic, photojournalism, etc it DID replace analog.

And to 95% of amateur photographers it DID replace analog.

It wasn't hijacked by marketers, the marketers worked for the companies that invented/developed the medium.

And it did replace analog for very good reasons, or all these pros would not be using it. They weren't sold a bill of goods, the advantages were and are very real.

Now you can argue that it's for better or for worse but nobody was hoodwinked into this conversion. I converted very late in the game for the main reason I wasn't convinced yet that the materials were archival, now I am.

And nobody is denying its not a cash cow for corporations but if the benefits were not there, the conversion would not have followed.

I know, everyone has a story of someone who "went back" but one in a million is not a trend, it's just a personal choice.