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We have amateurs who like to dabble and see themselves as fine art or portrait photographers and who parrot whomever they are emulating even though they couldn't sell a print of anything whether it's analog or digital, and nor do they care. It's a fun hobby.
You pretty much nailed me with this one.

Think I found a term worth using...

Parmelian Prints.

Now I know, a print I make costs me $2.50 a sheet for the paper. And an inkjet print costs $2.50 a sheet for the ink. So it's not like I'm using MORE expensive materials when I do silver gelatin. I do like an assurance that a print I'm buying is special. So when I bought a print from a local photographer, instead of buying the print I was MOST attracted to (an 8x10 - obviously one of her popular ones), I selected one that I was most PERSONALLY drawn to from her series of 50 for 50. I am still personally pleased with my purchase. Last week's paper's headline reminded me - the local artists guild is having their 50th 50 for 50 (sic) show!