So I've just gotten quite a few sheets of Kodak Commercial 4127 4x5 relatively cheaply. I understand that it's primarily a copy and scientific film, but i'm all for experimentation with weird stuff.
I've found the datasheet for it here. They say it can be rated at ei50 in daylight (despite needing exposure compensation for everything besides 1/25), but I can work around that.
But my main problem is that the datasheet only says D11, DK50, and HC110, it doesn't appear on the Massive Dev Chart, and my other searches are being rather fruitless. Basically, I've only got XTol mixed up, Rodinal, and Microphen (which I'll mix up one day). Has anyone ever developed 4127 in Xtol with any success? Or should I just go for a Rodinal stand? Or just buy some HC110 and be done with it?