B&W is a great way to learn photography and gain a familiarity with the way it all works from composition and exposure to the final print. The color process is much easier to understand and implement once you have a knowledge of B&W. The materials can be reasonably inexpensive and, as you say, you can easily identify the negs that didn't work out and spare yourself the expense of printing them but the initial investment in darkroom equipment can be a tough nut for someone who is trying to get started on a shoestring. When I started out as a penniless high school student, I shot slides and processed them myself. The only equipment needed is a daylight tank, a couple of reels, and a good thermometer. I started with the E-4 process which required lots of chemical mixing and many processing steps. Now they have three-step E-6 kits that are very convenient and give nice results

Whatever you decide, Best of luck!