Hi there,

a friend of mine recently bought a Yashica TLR (I think a Model D). There is no thread for a standard cable release so when we have been shooting at night she has actually been holding the shutter button down for up to 45 minutes - aside from being a pain I imagine it will result in some shaky images. Anyway, online I have seen references to something called a Leica nipple, but I haven't been able to find one, or find a picture of one to see what it actually is. The manual says a "standard overlap type cable" will work. Is this the same as a Leica nipple? Is it a cable release? Or is it an adapter which will allow the use of a cable release? Does it have another name?

More than looking for the answers to these questions I'm really wondering where my friend could find one, and also if there are any other solutions for the Yashica in terms of cable releases? Thanks.