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It is encouraging to see all the interest in developing Kodachrome film. Of course this is a classic case of reinventing the wheel. People interested in the process should look at J.S. Friedman's "History of Color Photography" chapters 10 and 23. The book is available online for free at:



Time was when Kodak would go out of its way to help the consumer. George Eastman made his reputation by replacing all of the film plates he sold which were contaminated with bad gelatin. The cows from which the gelatin was made had eaten mustard plants and this material caused the photographic plates to fog. Eastman replaced the plates at no charge and hired chemists to get to the root of the problem. Bradford Washburn used Kodachrome to photograph Alaska when the sheet film first came out. But he was given tungsten film and did not use a filter to correct for daylight. Dr. Wesley Hanson worked out a process to correct for the wrong exposure in the lab and many of the images were saved. Can't we recover that helpful spirit? Just saying....

Judging from some of the replies on this thread, the answer would be no. Some of the comments on here are getting downright mean. Yes, we are well aware Kodachrome is not being produced. Yes, we are well aware that Kodachrome will never be produced again. Yes we are also more than aware that the processing has also ended. But does that mean that you have to keep hammering us over the head with it? There are obviously people who want to discuss Kodachrome. Where is the harm? If you are getting so steamed up, just stop reading the thread. Belittling someone because they want to talk about developing Kodachrome is not going to end things any faster, we are all adults, lets start acting that way and not like the US Congress has recently.