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It seems like a lot of people are twisting Ken's argument into what they want it to be and then proceeding to knock down their own modified version.
Could not agree more with you (and Loretta...).

I sit here in stunned astonishment at my inability to get across the exasperatingly simple concept* that the two processes are not the same. This is the most fascinating display of human nature I may have ever seen.

And almost as astonishing to me is the fact that this conversation is taking place on one of the world's preeminent analog film discussion forums. And probably THE preeminent darkroom forum on the planet.

If EVER one would have thought the concept of different (not better, not worse, just different) would have resonated, one would have expected it to resonate here.

But I guess not...


* CCDs versus D-76, for gawd's sake. Think really, really hard about that for just a moment...