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Swan Labs uses Clayton F76+ film developer.
While this page

does refer to Clayton, any new agreement with HARMAN could easily include a requirement that ILFOTEC DD be used going forward. It seems unlikely that there's sufficient black and white film processing demand to warrant draining and refilling the Refrema on a regular basis, and I doubt Swan will dedicate two Refremas to black and white. More likely is that the above-linked page will be updated to reflect DD.

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...I find it funny that The Darkroom tries to present themselves as small and independent, when they're actually owned by one of the largest labs in the US.
Whoaa! I said Swan has appeared to thrive by picking up business abandoned by many closing labs. Those other labs closed because their volume had dropped precipitously. I didn't say Swan is "one of the largest labs in the US." 946-A Calle Amanecer refers to Unit A in one tilt-up building (946) of a local business park. It's small.

To ensure there's no misinterpretation of my intent, please note that I find the successful entrepreneurial approach of Swan, including its new affiliation with HARMAN, to be a good thing. Soaring small businesses are what have brought us the degree of economic recovery experienced so far; they will continue to lead the way in the future.