Sinar seems to come and go in massive waves. Studio addicts of Sinar are kinda like electronics junkies and just always have to have the latest and greatest, with all the silly bells and whistles. Now they tend to operate with digi backs, so dumped a lot of gear due to that factor. A lot of nice Horseman monorails were also sold off cheap due to that issue. And funny thing how even a number of very clean vintage Normas all turned up around the same time last yr, a number of them from a British dealer who must have raided the closets of a lot of retired photographers. And you can always customize your own Sinar system with odd's n ends, but just make sure you're getting the thing described. Helps to have a copy of the Sinar "Code" with actual part numbers. But if you turn up a nice Arca, you can't go wrong there
either. I started out with Sinar and am very glad I did, because I might switch anywhere from a wide bag bellows application to a 24 inch
extension on the next shot. It' remarkably easy to configure the camera into almost anything (except a cell phone!). The biggest bargains
out there seem to be on mint Sinar X cameras, which are just as precise as P's, but unfortunately, just as bulky and heavy too.