Have both, use both. IF THE NEGS are developed to print on grade 2 with either enlarger, they will be very close. That means a longer development time for diffusion. The differences are slight so you will have to have them side by side to see the differences. Overall contrast is the same as you adjusted the time in negative developer to compensate. The condenser print will have more snap in the low tones, the diffuser will have less in the low but more highlight separation. A diffusion machine burns in highlights much easier.

The condenser will have 1 grade more contrast than the diffusion. Taking the same neg and printing with #2 condenser and #3 diffusion does not produce the same print.

If your filters are shot, then either buy new or purchase Roscoe Cine Gels from B&H. They are made to cover stage lighting for theater, but you can use them for VC printing. Buy green for soft and blue for hard. Buy 1/4 and 1/2 to fine tune. The man who made Aristo lights put me on to it. Remember yellow filters out blue leaving red, which the paper does not see, and leaving yellow and green which the low contrast layer reacts to. Blue filters out yellow so the high contrast layer activates. I printed an Aristo head this way for years. The Roscoe filters are large so you need to cut them to size and put them into a cardboard frame, but you will have two lifetime supply from one sheet.

A color head will also work as a diffusion head . Use yellow for low and magenta for high contrast.