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That's what confused me. On PAGE 14 comment 135 he states that vive la difference and he gets it. Different people have different goals.

Then on PAGE 15 comment 142 he's back at it. Talking about one having "authenticity".
I'm confused by that shift too, but I get the feeling he doesn't mean "authenticity" to be as value-loaded a concept as it sounds to me (or I guess you). I get the "provenance" framing, but I'm not sure about the "authenticity" framing, which seems all tied up with photos being a way to document Truth.

On the one hand, I don't think that the ability to document Truth is a particularly important trait of a medium one way or another (outside a few specialized uses), and on the other, I don't buy Ken's conviction that the film/digital divide aligns with the presence/absence of that ability.