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I think this thread has become an outlet for a harmless argument that won't go quietly into the good night because it is the very process of arguing (as opposed to the actual intellectual point of the argument) that has become fulfilling. Does anyone in this thread *honestly* care whether someone on the internet whose name you do not know and whom you will never meet in real life think that what you do is or is not photography? If so, I might suggest you have more significant problems that you need to attend to.

This is about getting frustration and anxiety out in an anonymous way and without consequence. You can't (or at least shouldn't) kick the dog or beat your kids or your wife, but hey, yelling on the internet...sure.
Who's yelling? I thought we were having a pretty interesting discussion about different aspects of photography, sensu lato, and which ones are important to different people and how much they have to do with specific media and processes. I don't think I'd even say "argument".

If this thread is anyone's substitute for kicking the dog, that would be a pretty mild kick or a pretty sensitive dog.