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I would not want a dye transfer. Very expensive and they can fade like hell. Transfers are the Worst color imaging media I've tested for fading. Beautiful color, but dye stability is terrible. (They have good dark storage stability.) Inkjets are the best for overall image IQ and stability.

Cibachrome are the best for stability and will beat an inkjet, but have poor contrast adjustments. Ink jets are behind Ciba, but ahead of Fuji Crystal Archive for stability. Laser prints are above inkjet for stability and maybe(?) equal to Cibacrhome for stability, (but not sure about the last statement. i was never able to test this one area.) I think inkjets are better than Lasers for IQ, but I have not tested all options

OP...after you study up your DT options, let us know what is going on with them for costs.
what? you're full of it.
how does this contribute to the op's question?