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I know this is a bit off OP, but can someone explain to me why T Max requires it's own developer and how this is advantageous to any standard PQ developer?
It doesn't require Tmax developer. Tmax 100 and Tmax 400 both work beautifully in D-76 1+1. Both also look great in PMK, and Tmax 100 is beautiful in Rodinal 1+50.

Tmax Developer was originally designed for pushing Tmax 400 and later for Tmax 3200. I don't think Tmax 3200 looks good in any other developer; Tmax Developer is perfect for it. I also preer Tmax Developer over all others for Ilford's Delta 3200 film. It is a good general purpose developer for most films if you want a liquid developer. I've used it for Tri-X when I was too lazy to dissolve powder for D-76.