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All Kodak color products use oil dispersed couplers. In C22, the CD3 was less active and the couplers were older versions. In C41, the CD4 is much more reactive and the couplers are as well. No BZA is needed in either C41 or RA4 due to the coupler activity.

Benzyl Alcohol increases image spread and reduces sharpness.
So assuming one has a roll of Kodacolor-X found in an old camera. and assuming that said crazy person only has access to the Jobo/Unicolor dry chemical C-41 Kit. (as you can't mail liquid developer it seems) BUT DOES have some old Benzyl alcohol. Would a reasonable approach be to add 5ml per liter of BZA to the Unicolor Colour developer. (I would be using a Jobo Rotary Processor so I a actually wasting about 4 oz per roll of each chemical assuming nothing useable comes out.) Then Using the Old C-22 Times at 75 Degrees F.

My alternative would be to try and mix some variant of the C-22 Formula, but I only have some old CD-4 and again I don't know where I could get some CD-3 sent to me because of the cross border chemical mail problem. To do that I would need to know a conversion factor between CD-3 and CD-4.

{background, Many years ago I used a formula from a fellow named Dale Nevile That used CD-4 to develop both C-41 and ECN-2 Film. THEN saving the once used developer, it was mixed with a small amount of BZA and diluted with equal parts Water. The Bilx from his formula was also diluted 50-50 and low and behold, used to develop EP-2 colour paper. ANd yes I do have one print on Agfa EP-2 paper displayed in my front hall where it gets a lot of light and it has not faded too much in 20 years.}

{If I can find his newsletter I think he had a formula or c-22, but all his formulsa were based on measuring stuff with a specific set of measuring spoons. and I think my set is no longer complete. so I would want to avoid that third alternative if I can.}