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You do know how internet forums work, right? Most people aren't going to bother click through to your link, and if they do, the "puzzle" doesn't seem worth the effort. It's either a) a real neo-nazi with flag and paper, or b) someone not a neo-nazi with flag and paper. There are certainly neo-nazis out there, and some would be willing to have their photos taken. Or maybe you got a friend to do it. Why should we really care either way?

I can't put stuff up here without links. Flickr banned me after 9 days. I lost 190 pix at Flickr. Photobucket takes my pix down after a day or two. So I have to use Tumblr and Artslant. I appreciate the votes you guys sent in anyway.

This is not a puzzle or trick poll in any case. I just wanted to see how my pix are viewed by others. I got some comments about certain pix from other fourms and was never aware people had such thoughts about my pix.

If you guys can get it up to 25 or 30 votes, that would be great. I will give you the answer tomorrow after a few more votes. (Hopefully)