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Does it matter what tools get it from scene to wall?
It can. It depends on what one wants. If I were rich, I'd love to commission a painter to produce family portraits. I know, not the same thing, but for some people it does matter, and it is valid to them.

My brother had a photographer use film at his wedding (though ti was more common when he married). He made sure he used B&W for some photos - it mattered to him and his wife. I know other people who would pass on a wedding photographer if any sort of B&W print was even suggested. it doesn't matter how good it looks or what "feel" it produces - different things matter to different people.

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I was just thinking that this thread didn't have enough petty bickering as it is and that we needed to start throwing innocent people under the bus to make our point...
I know what you mean... I'm beginning to feel like I'm at work.

So, am I the only one paying attention to people's style in this "argument" (rather, debate) and using it when interpreting their posts in other threads, especially the ones where their comments are mostly contrary?
(Damn, there doesn't seem to be a flame-shield smiley.)