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So, am I the only one paying attention to people's style in this "argument" (rather, debate) and using it when interpreting their posts in other threads, especially the ones where their comments are mostly contrary?

(Damn, there doesn't seem to be a flame-shield smiley.)
Whether that's me or someone else you are referring to, regardless of their position or opinion I would cut them some slack.

People engaging in intense debate often adjust their positions because they learn something new, or someone else said something that clarified a certain facet of the issue in their thoughts, or they meant to say the same thing as they said earlier not realizing they actually didn't, or they even just momentarily drifted mentally and forgot.

Fortunately these discussions are really all in fun, even though they can get heated (albeit heated at a distance). Luckily this is not a court of law. And the death penalty is not in play here.