One thing I'd like to pick MichaelR1974's brain about is that he calls D-23 a compensating developer, while having once taken issue with me when I called Microdol a compensating formula. Since Microdol is bacically a D-25 derived formula, and D-23 and D-25 are both 100G/7.5G per liter base mixtures, then if one is compensating, then is not the other? And how in the World could D-76 bear any similarity to D-23 in final results? D-76 is a Metol/HQ formula with 6 or 8 other things in it. At this time, I'm avoiding going the pyro route because it'll cost me 35 bucks to get the first drop of it here from the Formulary. Plus the fact, my bare fingers spend a lot of time in the tray. I hear that pyro can be some nasty stuff to keep your fingers dipped in.