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There are two reasons that I see for the value of Clearing Winter Storm.

One is the reasons is the image, the other is the Adams mystique.

Adams, like other successful artists, marketers, hucksters; sold "us" on his process. (As evidence I offer his books.) Silver gelatin printing is only important in the market valuation of clearing winter storm because "that's how Ansel did it", its how the original was made. Anything else would be "a fake".

Elliot Erwitt and Steve McCurry don't need to worry as much about the exact how of processing as the Adams estate might.
All possibly true, except that...

My choice of AA as the example was solely to illustrate the fact that, while the differences between the two imaging processes are concrete and real, those differences mean different things to different people. AA was just a convenient choice because everyone at least recognizes the reference.

In other words, it does matter to some "what tools get it from scene to wall."

Even though others could validly care less.

That was the original point of yours I was answering.