Mr. Iluvmycam never read so much BS in my life most Inkjet prints have the longevity of a gnat that is except for pigment inkjets. The tests by Nelson etc... are a joke in my opinion one can speak about the longevity of a medium if it actually survives that long not trough artificial test that mostly serve as marketing tools. But that's just my opinion and the opinion of many archivists and conservators. If I would want ultra longevity I would make a three colour gum or or three color pigment print now these mediums really have what I would call longevity but an inkjet print pfft (except pigment based ones and even then not every pigment is really lightfast or has any kind of longevity). If also seen quiet a few 60 to 70 year old Dye transfers that looked just as good as the day they were made and maybe you should visit the national portrait gallery and take a look at Madame Yevonde Dye Transfers from the 1930's these still look superb so much for Dye transfer lack of longevity which I agree is not the best there is but is still quiet good. The most beautiful colour process is the three color carbro print but again that's just my opinion.