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John sent out an email to a number of his past seminar participants. In it, he stated that he learned of Kodak's decision only one day before it was announced. He was as shocked and dismayed as all of us.

He stated the following in his email:

"As you might imagine, I have received a large number of emails concerning this topic. Many have asked what paper I am going to use to "replace" my standby, Kodak Polymax Fine Art. At this point, I do not know. I have enough paper to fulfill my printing commitments that require Polymax Fine Art, as well as give me some time to transition. There are a number of excellent papers, including Ilford, Oriental Seagull, Kentmere, and Forte. Each has its unique characteristics, and hopefully all of us will be able to find something within that selection that will meet our needs for some time to come."
Ilford have on their website, a list of suitable equivalents to some of the Kodak papers.