I think the Logan cutters in general are decently made and good value. I chose a 750-1 Simplex Elite in order to be able to cut mat across a 40 inch dimension (the compacts limit to 32) and also score acrylic glazing, etc. I may never use some of those features, but I also occasionally paint watercolors and I might make use of them. For years I used a Dexter cutter and a straight edge, but it requires more attention to detail than I'd like, and ideally it needs a way to clamp the straight edge down. I was once told folks in the back rooms at the Philly Art Museum use the Dexters and a straight edge. I'm not sure I believe that, but then if true, they probably use them frequently enough to stay in practice.

I think all the Logan cutters come with a DVD that is a pretty well done introduction to how to cut mats.