Thank you MR74. Although at 2 and 5 G respectively of Elon and HQ, it's hard to imagine the HQ playing only a minor supporting role to the elon. Recalling a book I have here "This Is Photography", Doubleday,1963, Miller and Brummitt of EK, an experiment is carried out with DK60a with Elon removed, then with HQ removed, and the results were quite varied. I say this to note that Elon and HQ are more-or-less equally reactive by weight, in that there are 2.5 G apiece per liter in the DK60a formula.
Wile none of this is pertinent to today's experimenting, it does go to show that they don't have lopsided characteristics by weight. This is what has me leaning toward buying a bottle of metol for the sulfite I have here, and going with a D-23 derivative to fight contrast. As far as shadow detail in the "more pragmatic" approach which I had also already decided to undertake, I'm not getting any shadow detail till I get down to at least ASA 40, and I think 32 and 25 would be more like what I'm looking for. Since all these other guys are getting ASA 80 and up, I can see that my ASA 32 is going to cause dens highlight problems, hence my interest in pyro or a weak D-23. For now I'm avoiding the pyro because I have a habit of keeping my fingers in the soup the whole time. Thanks, guys.