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Thank you for yur answers.

Paul and pdeeh thanks for the link, I read it and it actually confirms what I wanted to do.

Thomas, I see what you mean. I know that I will have to increase the dev time whatever happens because I don't like printing at the limit grade 5, and having no room for increasing contrast if I want to. But I wanted to do this test, to check if my developing is too short or if the cause of the low contrast is eslewhere. Anyway I'm having fun with these tests for now, and will have even more fun printing from the negatives developed to my taste.
Understood. If your Rodinal is contaminated, or beginning to exhaust (unlikely, but I've seen reports of R09 with sudden loss of activity lately), then your negatives could be under-developed, even though your developing time is correct. That is definitely true.

If your low contrast negatives is a sudden change from what they used to be, then it is wise to suspect the developer, and my advice would be to purchase some fresh developer.
If your negatives have always been low contrast, the same as you get now, at 8 minutes developing time, then it's more likely to do with your technique and you simply need to develop the film for a longer amount of time.

Good luck!