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Yes, my prints have always been muddy and I'm beginning to realize it. So it's likely my fault. And my agitation is very soft too, I agitate two times, gently, every minute. So it may also come from here. Anyway I prefer increasing the dev time rather than changing agitation, it became such a habit that would be harder to change.
Btw, I also tested the exposure, and I'm seeing a fog on the supposd zone 0, at 100ASA. By how much would you increase the ASA rating ? I must admit that I don't want to bother with thirds of stops and skip directly at 200ASA...
I would suggest increasing your agitation somewhat - how about four gentle cycles each minute or two gentle cycles each 30 seconds?

That will help remove local developer exhaustion from the list of potential causes for your low contrast negatives.

An inaccurate thermometer is another likely cause. As long as your thermometer is consistent, you can (within limits) compensate for potential inaccuracy by increasing development time. If the thermometer is inconsistent it needs to be replaced.

I'm not exactly sure I understand what you are saying with respect to Zone 0 exposure, but if you are wanting to increase the exposure, you need to decrease the Exposure Index ("EI") set on your meter.