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The thermometer should be acurate, it isn't old and is quite precise (0,2°C).
As for agitation, as I said I prefer to change time not only for the habit of agitation, but also because the grain will be bigger with more agitation (you'll tell me not to use Rodinal if I want small grain... ).
Concerning the zone 0. I made the exposure test : meter a wall (zone V) and close the diaphragm 5 stops to get to zone 0. If correctly exposed, there shouldn't be fog, if I understood well. But there is some, in my case. Which means that I over expose the negative when setting my meter at 100ASA. That's why I was talking about increasing the EI.
With thermometers, precision and accuracy are two separate issues.

It could be precise, but not calibrated properly.

And with respect to agitation and Rodinal, I think you will find that if you keep the cycles gentle you will continue to minimize grain.

Unless you have a light leak, the fog comes from the film and development, not exposure. Increasing the exposure will raise your shadow detail above the fog, whereas reducing exposure will cause more detail to be obscured by fog.