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I voted on the question, but I also am wondering what the point is. I have no objection to pictures of Nazis and don't really understand why others do. They were a band of criminals who purposely brought on the greatest calamity the world has ever seen and they must be remembered. Neo-Nazis are just pitiful creeps. Dangerous pitiful creeps, but still pitiful.
I don't have any objections to pictures of Nazis per se. I just don't like images of Nazis being bandied about for another purpose (i.e. to be "edgy" or "alternative", etc.). As you say, the tragedies brought on by the Nazis constitute the greatest calamity of the 20th century (and possibly in all of history) and images of that regime should not be used lightly, lest they lose their power to remind us of the extent of that tragedy.

If someone is trying to make a statement about that tragedy and wants to use that imagery...fine. If someone is just trying to establish a reputation as an "artist" that is "edgy", I think it is in poor form and, as others have commented, a little tired, overused, etc.