I have a hard case here.

no really, a TOUGH case

Designed to house a Fuji 680 100mm lens(of which I am keeping, the lens that is), but I don't need the case anymore. Sooooo.... here's your chance to get one if you want one, or if you want a nice housing for LF lenses on 4x4 lensboards(you'll need to add a bit of thicker felt on one side, or I can do it for $15 extra) so the boards sit snug.

$25 shipped for the case if you're in the CONUSA
not worth it for int'l postage, unless you're nusto :-)

*if you want me to add that extra felt along one side(so 4x4 boards sit snugly inside), I can do that no problem. Just add $15 extra to cover materials/ my time, plus 1 more day for me to do the work.

Paypal ok if you cover the fees (3%)
money order otherwise