Ron - Ctein worked exclusively with pan matrix film, a very different animal from ordinary dye printing from chromes. He was running low on
Kodak paper, and getting tired of the process anyway, so decided on a permanent change of scenery. So that spells the end of pan matrix
printing period, unless someone manages a few more images with his leftovers. I bought up the last big lot of Efke matrix film that Jim B. had formulated. Egbert and Bettina over in Germany have since switched from it to a different matrix film as well as a new dye set better geared
to their hybrid workflow, and sufficient to allow them to operate a custom lab for clients too; but I don't know if they have a reserve of materials allowing resale to other potential printers. I'm trying to find wiggle room in my own lab to squeeze in another 8x10 enlarger dedicated to DT work, so I don't have to interrupt my ordinary RA4 printing needs. But it's just a matter of logistics (don't want to tweak my
back manhandling that thing just before I leave for another backpacking trip!).