To give folks an update on the 127 film situation, I am afraid the situation has not improved. The factory in Croatia that was rolling 127 film branded as either EFKE or Rollei, has now shut. Maco in Germany have no stocks left (I bought their last 3 rolls of any 127 film in Rollei Crossbird). The only game in town at present is Bluefire Murano 160 ISO colour print film This is available in both Canada and Japan but they will send overseas.

I will have another go at Ilford-Harman (they did not answer my last email to them other than a "received" auto message). If they are the only maker of B&W 127 film, they could charge a premium price and folks would still pay, so the economics might now be different. It could be marketed through Rollei and Lomo user groups. I would hate it if my lovely Rollei Baby became a static object.