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So assuming one has a roll of Kodacolor-X found in an old camera. and assuming that said crazy person only has access to the Jobo/Unicolor dry chemical C-41 Kit. (as you can't mail liquid developer it seems) BUT DOES have some old Benzyl alcohol. Would a reasonable approach be to add 5ml per liter of BZA to the Unicolor Colour developer. (I would be using a Jobo Rotary Processor so I a actually wasting about 4 oz per roll of each chemical assuming nothing useable comes out.) Then Using the Old C-22 Times at 75 Degrees F.
Who says you cannot mail liquid developers?

We are working on the release of this kit http://www.catlabs.info/product/catl...try-kit-5l-10l which can be mailed to anywhere in the US, and later will also be available for international shipping.

But like WBLYNCH said above - why not just shoot fresh color film and help film makers stick around a little bit longer...?