OK, here is the rundown as promised…

I was first clued into the ‘staging’ issue when I posted a photo of a pole dancer to another forum. (Nude)


One member replied how he would have moved the pole to another angle, as he didn’t like my positioning. Another said he would have used a different base color, as he didn’t like my blue color. Well you know how it goes, everybody can shoot it better than you can. But that is not the issue. I’m well used to how great everyone else is and how bad I am. My problem was that the pole dancer was NOT a staged shot.

How in the hell they think I staged it is beyond me. It would seem pretty clear I was walking by her camp and asked to to hold still for a second so I could shoot her. But what is clear to me must not be clear to others. So I let it go and dismissed it as a fluke.

Here is another one that they say I staged. (Nude)


I met her in L.A. in 1973. I went to her house to shoot her. The floor was littered with dog poop. I had to be careful where I stepped and where I put the tripod legs. The only light was the window. Was a very tough print to do. If I staged it, I would have lit it some.

Now, getting to the Nazi. The same staging accusation came up on another forum a couple weeks ago. The photo in this poll question is of an American Nazi. I met her in L.A. in 1973 and went to her house so shoot her. I photographed her in her bedroom - everything is exactly as shown. She is posed…but photo is not staged.

I was never aware so many people viewed the Nazi photo as staged before. After I received some of this feedback I decided to put a note on the back stating the photo is not staged and exactly what it was. Same with the pole dancer and a few others I didn’t want to be accused of staging.

The PP was done for anonymity. For decades I showed the Nazi photo as a standard BW. But when the internet came along I was not comfortable putting it out there. So that is the reason for the processing. While black face was not my first choice. I am very happy with the outcome and wont be changing a thing to it.

Thanks to all that bothered to vote. I appreciate your feedback!