I find some of the strong opinions in this thread interesting, and I think I get it. When something gets "fashionable" it can get overused and tired and old. I've only been printing again for a year or so and have not settled on anything at all. Sometimes clean white borders, sometimes clean straight thin black, sometimes "ragged" black ( but not as "grimy" as the example or with sprocket holes ) and sometimes I like to just lay the paper on the baseboard and make a borderless print. I choose what to do based on the picture and what I think will look good. Maybe it's a mishmash and not a consistent style, but there's also some fun and freedom and whim involved. I rarely crop... and I can't say why exactly... it's not to prove anything about composition but just that when I make a picture I am usually trying to think about the whole frame, and that carries over into printing. Most of my prints I just hold in my hand to look at, and if I was planning to frame one I'd make a more careful choice. Anyway, I have prints in all these styles that I like, and for now I have no plans to restrict myself to one border style.