TheHCB allusions are all bullshit to me. I didn't know who HCB was until I was 10 years into my photography. And until today I saw about 10 of his images at most.
As a matter of fact, I don't look at anyone's images. I do my own thing.

About the black border: I print my images Full frame. It's 100 times easier this way. No fiddling with endless non-existent/irregular frame formats. No fiddling with easel masks. No nothing, just pure printing the whole image inside a whole sheet of paper. The black border defines the edges of my images and 100% of my prints are like that. It's not a fad, not a fashion, it's simply my way of printing, my way of shooting and my whole style in general. I simply never crop: Not when shooting, not when printing. And yes, I believe it shows more of my talent, also. And when my prints are framed, the person has the choice to either frame over the black edges or not.