Hey all,

I've been using a good bit of MF lately, and have even been picking up my 35mm cameras again(F4's and a K1000).... Enough about that.

looking back from past exploits and shooting, I seem to have favored using Kodak Gold 200 and 400 for 35mm shootin. Mostly 200(rated @ 100). I still love the rendering and color palette. Reds are saturated, but not overly so, like with Ektar(that I've found w/ c-printing and even drum scanning them)....

Whilst browsing though Flickr this evening, I came across a series of shots done with Gold 400:


boy, I love it! Ya ya, I know that a scan(most likely a scan) isn't the "best" way to tell, especially with negatives.
But still... The colors have some great kick, but not too much kicks-ya-in-the-tushy saturation, like ektar does.

and @ $2.49/roll (36exp), it's cheap enough to not really "worry" about anything....

anyone with a good deal of experience with this emulsion?