I have 2 large posters with landscapes, they look pretty contrasty but on the wall perhaps that is the meaning. I would like to shoot those on film material and make a small copy into frames on the table. The original on the wall has a side 115 cm`s and I aim at a nice copy of 15 cms . (as feet perhaps 3 feet on the wall and half a foot is the goal).

I am thinking that I need negatives that have less contrast cause when shooting on film and enlarging on a paper the contrast may still increase, some tones disappear. Perhaps I am wrong but less contrast is the goal.

Should I just expose normally and under-develop? Or should I over-expose and underdevelop? There is , of course, the option to under-expose and develop normally...or over-develop?

Any suggestions, there are so experienced photographers here that have knowledge and experience. I use for this purpose Ilford FP4 plus and Ilfosol 3 developer. I will try the 1:9 mixture with development time 4:00 in 24 degrees. In what direction should I change something (exposure, development) when wanting a little less contrast?

And if someone knows a site where there are examples of negatives and explanations with those so that I could compare my negs to those and know if mine is good, or not good and why it is not good and what should I do next time otherwise. Hopefully you understand. Thanks in advance.