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I have shot about 15 rolls of both Kodak Gold 400 and 200. I am still puzzled with the results. The colors are natural and not overly saturated, but both films are quite slow, I think actually Gold 400 looks best around ISO 100-160 and Gold 200 at 64-100, and not very consistent. I got mixed results depending on the type of light and the sunsets look more blue than with Fuji Superia. They are grainy films too. What I can conclude is that, even though color negative has great exposure latitude, itīs important to find the correct exposure to get the most from these emulsions and hit their sweet spot, usually at lower speed than declared by the manufacturer.
Maybe there is a difference in light at your latitude, but my experience wiht Gold 200 has been excellent: virtually no grain and great color when shot at box speed. Where I have run into problems like you describe is when Adorama substituted "ColorPlus" for what they advertize as Gold. That happened to me once and it is such a different (inferior) film from Gold that I considered it a bait-and-switch tactic.