I've found that although I really like shooting slower film in 120, I usually need a tripod to shoot anything besides very sunny scenes (shaky hands ). I went to San Antonio on a business trip last month so I grabbed three rolls of Tmax 400 to try because that's what I had access to and eliminate the need for taking a tripod. Now for the dilemma.

So far I've only used Rodinal for my Acros 100, and ID-11 for my Tri-X which both have given me decent results. Since these are the only two developers I have on hand I was wondering if someone could suggest a starting point to use one or the other with the Tmax? FWIW, all the rolls were shot at 400 and the majority of shots were in partial to full sun. I really don't want to have to keep another developer on hand, but if neither one of these will work very well then I'd entertain the thought. As a side note I will be scanning these.

Thanks in advance!