Hello Folks
I'm new posting, but have already looked through a couple hundred pages in the forum---quite impressive! I am in the process of setting up my b&w darkroom after being without one for MANY years. I have been slowly getting what I was missing through Craigslist and now am ready to start assembling/fabricating what I need to complete the project. I even found a 16x24 print washer. A bathroom we don't use much, except when we have company, has been secured! The plan is to build a table over the tub (wet side) and a shelf over the toilet for the enlarger, all this can easily be removed when necessary. The washer will be set on a low shelf in the middle of the table, the shelf will be low enough so that the top of the washer will be just about the same level as the developer and fixer trays. This design will give me two 21" wings on either side of the print washer, which allows for a 16x24 max print--this should be more than what I plan on needing. The print washer MUST be part of the table layout as I don't really have room to install it anywhere else. My question, does anyone see any drawbacks to using the print washer as a stop bath as well as to wash prints simultaneously? This is assuming I can keep track of which prints are getting "stop-bath rinsed" and which are getting the final wash. I plan on using RC paper. Any and all input will be greatly appreciated!