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I think I see the crux of the problem for this forum. (At least I see it as a problem.) "...has been discussed at great length..." Yes, much discussion of everything under the sun. Much less doing. And, far too many conclusions drawn from the discussions -- with little empirical evidence to back up said conclusions. I'm a retired scientist. I'm not much given by nature or training to act that way. I've got a number of lovely handmade panchromatic film negatives and glass dry plates on my light table.

Denise, I agree. However, I must ask if you have wedge spectrograms of your pan emulsions showing good red sensitivity? This would be hard scientific evidence that it works. If you don't, I would be happy to expose a few of your plates for you and return them to you for processing, as I have a Spectro Sensitometer. That is the ultimate proof.