I just got a Loreo lens in a cap and a Holga dslr lens together off ebay. The Loreo, from what I understand has a 35mm fixed focus three element plastic lens that is supposed to give unimpressive results. It also has a waterhouse type wheel with apertures from 5.6 to 64. (64 being equal to a pinhole on this small lens) Looks like fun. The Holga lens looks to have been crudely modified in the back. I'm not sure what the plate behind the lens is supposed to be, but this has a raggedly cut hole in it about 3/16 diameter. Looking through the lens on the camera, the image is a little dark, but focus looks good. (well as good as it get with a Holga) I have no idea what the actual aperture is at this point though. Guess it doesn't make too much difference, it's all about experimentation anyway.