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Often yuo see in photo books that the photographer has in the end added some info about gear, lens, shutterspeed, aperture and filmchoice for each image.
Does that realy increase salesment of that book or is it just timewasting? I dont care much about technical info when i look at pictures in a book but others may do!?
Depends on what the book is for. If it is for photography instruction then yes it could be a sales point and not a waist of time. If its a book for art purposes then it is not needed.

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Taking notes in the field is just distrakting me from the more important image, to compose and capture under the best light. Im into nature photography, in swed.lapland mostly.
No real action photography but sometimes it is about seconds before the light changes. No time to waste on taking notes.
Taking notes for oneself can be VARY important. I mainly shoot large format and if i didnt take notes, especially about how I may want to alter my development time for the zone system then i have probably just wasted a bunch of sheets of film.

Taking notes helps you know how you can improve!!!