To all

Not much to do but clean up, if you want the short version. Thursday started
with a lot of prints, 5 prints in 5 minutes. I think a last count I think 30
or more people showed print with still more in line (need to work on that).

Reception and print exchange all ways a big hit some people got some real
nice prints.

Friday, Stewart Melvin gum, Richard Sullivan carbon, David Hoptman solar print,
Luther Gerloch ambrotype, Gordon Mark (hobo man) and Patrick Alt big cameras,
day two done and they are still looking at prints.

Saturday, Zoe Zimmerman albumin, Dr. Dusan Stulik (Getty type) on prints,
Dr. Terry King (talks funny and I can't type to loud he is down stairs sleeping) his
perspective, Paula Marriner chemigrams, (she talks funny to), Dick Arentz and
Keith Scheiber platinum and desk top negs, Russ Young soft focus lenses

A great time was has by all, sorry if I did not see any one from the list.

Jan Pietrzak

ps Roy, Terry said Hi