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Who says you cannot mail liquid developers?
We are working on the release of this kit....., and later will also be available for international shipping.
Please let me know when "Later" comes.

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why not just shoot fresh color film and help film makers
The question was in connection with a roll of film found in a camera. I would not think of actually USING a roll of C-22 film these days. In this case there is a roll of Kodacolor-X 127 that I found with a camera, and my moderate level of curiosity makes me wonder if there is any recoverable information. If I get the 50 foot roll or 2 of 46mm HP5+ I ordered from the ILFORD ULF run, the spool and backing paper of the Kodacolor-x will be of interest to me - so if I am having to decide if I can and will run a low cost experiment on the film I found.