I don't like using 135s for portraits unless they have reasonably close focusing. Some 135s with close focusing include the 135/3.2 Konica Hexanon, 135/2.3 Vivitar Series 1, the already mentioned Tamron (all of these lenses focus down to about 3 feet), the Promaster 135/2.8 which reaches 1:5 and the Vivitar 135/2.8 Close Focusing which reaches 1:2. The last one must be my favorite 135 for its versatility and good image quality. The Canon 135/2.5 FD and 135/2.8 Nikkors (Q, QC, 'K') are very nice lenses but they do not get very close. The same is true of the 135/2.5 Super Takumar and SMCT and the 135/2.5 Konica Hexanon. There is no shortage of good 135s. Another favorite 135 of mine is the f/2.5 Canon FL. I still don't like it for portraits but for everything else it's very good. I have many lenses in the 85-105mm range, both macro and general purpose. These include the Canon 85/1.8 FL and New FD, Canon 100/3.5 FL, Canon 100/2.8 FD, Canon 100/2.8 FD SSC, Canon 100/2.8 New FD, Konica Hexanon 100/2.8 and 85/1.8, 85/2 AI Nikkor, 105/2.5 Nikkor (various versions), 105/2.8 Super Takumar, 100/2.5 Minolta Rokkor (various versions), 100/3.5 Minolta MC Rokkor and others. All of these lenses are capable of excellent portrait results if they are used carefully.
On a recent vacation I used a 35-105/4.5-4.5 Canon New FD at the 105 end for some nice portraits.

Nikon gradually changed its lenses over from five blade and six blade apertures to seven. Some had nine. My 45/2.8 GN Nikkor has nine blades. You will only get out of focus hexagons in the highlights from the earlier lenses.