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I have been recently re-acquiring more rolls of Pan X in both 35mm and 120. I do find there is a slight fog to these films which make the grain larger then it originally was when fresh.
I get the feeling it lost nothing over time, no increased fog, no larger grain (at least in 35mm). I compared a vintage print from a negative shot and developed when Panatomic-X was fresh... to a current print on freshly shot and developed but expired Panatomic-X. In terms of graininess, I can't tell the vintages apart.

I believe our collective memory of its fine grain, is a glowing reputation earned through the passage of time.

It was a bit grainy and still is.

This is my own opinion formed on the basis of a limited test. This may not agree with your findings (you might still be right) or those of my employer, EKC.