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Can somebody tell me why Leicaflex SL's are so much cheaper used than the rangefinder types? The rangefinder prices are nothing less than absurd.

actually, the SL models are more pricy than the later R varieties of leica slr -- the SL2, especially, is a tank, a wonderful user, the peak of SLR construction from Leica.

That said, they're still cheaper than the M leicas because the M series are pretty much unique these days in that they are still very usable, still supported, still have jobs that only they can do (quiet and precise) and are just really wonderful cameras to hold and use. Even the Leicaflex SL2 can't say that.

compared to what a cheap Digital SLR costs these days, what you pay for a Leica M series -- $700 to $2,000 -- is a relative bargain.