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When you buy it, it comes with a multilanguage leaflet that shows the time factors. 4 rolls requires no factor, after that a multiplier is used. I found that the most I needed at the time, was about 1.5 times. The factors are different for volume and tank size, so read the leaflet, and you'll be good to go. I haven't used it in a while, but when my HC-110 runs out, I'll be picking some up!

I may have been wrong about the 18 rolls, though, as I recall something about up to 60 rolls per liter of concentrate.

Thanks for the answer. I guess that the 4 rolls no multiplier rule is in the case you make 1 liter stock solution (1+4). I would love 1+6 one shot but then times can be extremely long for gamma=0.7 (I need it because I am using a color enlarger). I have not found the datas in the leaflet from the box